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Student Voices at UC Davis, together with faculty and staff of the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Project at UC Davis, invite you to help us create a more inclusive environment at UC Davis.

Making UC Davis more inclusive requires us to see and genuinely value the uniqueness of each person in our community. We start by celebrating the diversity of human stories that bring richness and vitality to our campus. Our project brings these stories to life! 

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A Digital Venue to Share Student Stories


Student Voices at UC Davis is creating a digital venue for collecting short stories where students share how their goals, life events, viewpoints, identities and more intersect with their experience at UC Davis.  The stories will be told through our Youtube channel, allowing for students' voices to travel anywhere, regardless of distance.

Our team is working with faculty and staff to integrate these stories into the KnowYourStudent tool to share directly with faculty. To read about this tool, visit the Faculty Resource page.

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Katrina talks about the importance of professors understanding and knowing the students that they are teaching

Eric explains how deconstructing stereotypes about students is necessary for professors to become better educators

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Getting Involved is Easy!

All UC Davis students are encouraged to fill out our survey to help kick things off and to share your story.

Please make sure to log into your UC Davis Gmail account in order to take the survey

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